M.Gemi Brings Fine Italian Shoes Direct to Consumers at a Fast Fashion Pace

Imagine: A shoe you purchased online that actually fits! Add to that, fine Italian craftsmanship and a price point that didn’t set you back an entire paycheck. That’s the goal of M.Gemi and they’re making headlines in big media as a result. (Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Boston Magazine)

The latest in a long line of businesses to go after the profitability of the direct-to-consumer marketplace, M.Gemi brings fresh shoe designs of all styles to buyer’s inboxes each week. From traditional pumps to low cut boots, one of the most valuable features of the brand (at least for this shoe-buying consumer) is that, according to Entrepreneur.com, “fit is consistent throughout the M.Gemi line”. Different styles are designed and manufactured using the same size “forma” (foot-shaped mold). How nice is it to know that your size 8 will be the same size 8 on your next purchase?

Investors are taking note of these fast fashion trends: M.Gemi netted $14M in seed and Series A funding to fuel the online brand. It doesn’t hurt that the founder of M.Gemi is already known and experienced in this space – Ben Fischman is also the founder of flash sale website RueLaLa.

Check out the current collection, and stock up on pins to your “WANT” Pinterest board, at mgemi.com. You can check out a few of my boards featuring M.Gemi while you’re there: Step Into Fall, Only If There’s Valet, Best Flats for Business and Class.